The Principles of Living a Healthy Life

The principles for living a healthy life don’t just center on what we consume. “It’s not just about food! It really is about addressing all areas of your life. For example, reducing stress is essential for a healthy life, mind and body. This is as important as cleaning up your diet.

Healthy living means having a healthy mind, body, spirit and lifestyle. This may sound overwhelming at first.

Begin by taking some moments throughout the day to check in with yourself or meditating. Every morning, I wake up to a body gratitude exercise where I literally thank every body part for keeping me alive and well. It’s time we start feeling grateful for how hard our bodies work for us. This gratitude changes everything – it will change how you view your body. You start to have a newfound love and respect.

Transitioning to live a healthier life, or perhaps incorporating some of these practices into your daily life, takes persistence. Make one to two changes a week and focus on what you’re doing, not whatever you’ve failed at. Be kinder to yourself. Be patient. This is a journey.

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