Slow Ease into Becoming Vegan

Many people around the world are making serious lifestyle changes in order to get their health back in good condition - and many of these people are doing this by means of becoming dietary vegans. Yes, people are becoming increasingly aware of the amazing health benefits that this lifestyle has to offer, but are often afraid of making the change. How can they adopt veganism easily, without stressing, according to Lauren Antonias. The following tips are for those new to the vegan diet and are wishing to make a successful transition to the vegan lifestyle.

  1. Step 1 - Don't stress! Stressing about the possible challenges and hardships of the vegan diet will not help you in any way, nor will it get you any closer to your goal. If you really want to adopt the veganism lifestyle, (even if you are afraid a little) - DO NOT STRESS! This is an imperative tip for beginner vegans, since many seem to stress too much and miss out of a lot of joy that this amazing journey has to offer!

  2. Step 2 - You do not need to go vegan overnight. Some folks are literally able to ditch their old lifestyle and adopt a new one overnight. I commend persons like this, for this is something that many of us would like to do - but simply cannot. For the majority of folks, adopting a new lifestyle takes time, patience, and making small steps towards their goal. Do not despair if this is you!

  1. Making a gradual transition to the vegan diet is advised. As the famous saying goes, 'Slow and steady wins the race.' So making slow but constant changes to your diet will help slowly ingrain your new lifestyle into your brain, and you will be doing it at a comfortable, stress-free pace! Giving yourself time to get used to the small steps and eliminations of the vegan diet is crucial for the beginner vegan!

  2. The process of elimination The following 7 foods should be eliminated, one at a time, at a comfortable pace:

- Red Meat

- White meat (chicken)

- Fish & seafood

- Cheese

- Eggs

- Butter/Cream

- Milk

If you slowly eliminate these foods, your transition to the vegan diet will be much more enjoyable and stress-free! As you reach each stage of elimination, you should endeavor to find some tasty recipes which accommodate for your new dietary needs.


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