Let's Talk Watermelon & Weight Loss

Because 90 percent of a watermelon’s weight is water, it’s one of the best fruits to eat if you’re trying to lose weight. A 100-gram serving contains only 30 calories. It’s also a great source of an amino acid called arginine, which helps burn fat quickly.

In addition to helping the body stay hydrated, snacking on watermelon will help you feel full so you won’t have cravings between meals. If you still need something to help you keep those demon hunger pains away, grab our favorite vegan protein shake by Elxr Co BALANCE. This is by far the best thing to take to help you maintain your weight goals. It has No gums, no maltodextrin, no silicone dioxide, no soy lecithins. These are ingredients that can be harmful to your digestive tract and lead to health issues.
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According to Intergrative Nutrition:

What else is watermelon good for?

The health benefits watermelon holds are pretty amazing considering this fruit is primarily made from water and it’s good for more than just weight loss. Here are a few other ways you can benefit from eating watermelon.

Boost your immune system with a healthy dose of Vitamin C: Watermelon contains this crucial antioxidant known to support the immune system and help those managing asthma.

Blood Pressure: If you suffer from high blood pressure, it may be worth adding watermelon into your diet. A study conducted by the American Journal of Hypertension found that adults with pre-hypertension or stage 1 hypertension who took watermelon extract had reduced ankle and brachial blood pressure. This is just one more reason to keep enjoying this deliciously sweet fruit! 

Hydration: If you find yourself getting bored staying hydrated with plain old water, try adding some watermelon into your diet. Watermelon is rich in potassium and will not only improve your hydration levels, but also replace lost electrolytes which is essential to preventing dehydration during the summer months.

Muscle Soreness: Chances are if you’re trying to lose weight, exercise plays a large part in your routine. Did you know that consuming watermelon can actually help to improve muscle soreness? Watermelon contains amino acid L-citrulline which is known to help improve recovery following exercise.

Skin: If you’re spending more time outside during the summer months, skin health becomes even more important. Consuming watermelon can actually boost the health of your skin due to its vitamin A content, which helps keep skin and hair moisturized, giving you that beautiful summer glow!  

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