Crush The Vegan Game!

After a long day of working, working out, or taking care of family, it is very hard to walk into the kitchen with the enough motivation to prepare a healthy meal. Often, the easiest thing to do, ESPECIALLY when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, is just throw the easiest thing on a plate and call it a night.

Here are 3 tips to help you crush the vegan game:

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1. Be open to learning

We are constantly evolving and there should never be an end to learning. It may involve learning about fruits and vegetables you have never heard of. Ask lots of questions, learn new recipes, and join groups that encourage your vegan lifestyle. From work-life to home –life, flexible mindsets are essential to creating thriving vegan lifestyle.

A close-minded person can never grow because they act from a place of arrogance and superiority. They build barriers around them and have a one-track thought process.

Lifelong learning opens you up to limitless possibilities; it makes life exciting! You look at situations objectively, are not afraid to challenge your thoughts and show your vulnerable side.

2. Learn to be optimistic

That’s right. If it doesn’t already come easy to you, rest assured that you can learn to challenge negativity and replace pessimistic words with positive ones. Not everything that life throws at us is in our control. What we CAN control are our thoughts, attitude and reactions.

When optimists experience failure in one area, they do not let it influence their beliefs about their abilities in other areas. Pessimists, however, view setbacks as more pervasive. In other words, if they fail at one thing, they believe they will fail at everything.

Being optimistic is not as easy as it sounds. It requires practice and a lot of mental conditioning but if you stick to it, you can learn it. So, if you hit exhaustion and you want to give up the effort, ask yourself, “What if I keep trying?”

3. Focus on what’s available

Ask people what they don’t have and they can list for days; but, ask them what they are grateful for and they may only make it to 5 items. Running parallel to that is a myth that vegan diets are restrictive and that there are not many options available.

When we focus on negatives and obsess over what is not, we miss out on everything else we have access to. There are many things you can be made aware of by just changing your perspective. Open your eyes to the options available to you here, as well as at your grocery story.

Try focusing on what’s going right for a change and you will realize how you end up attracting more of it.

So, remember; veganism is a lifestyle which can be learned. When you find yourself frustrated about meal prepping, make an effort to follow these steps. Eventually, you will find it easier to identify with more delicious and gratifying choices.

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