Check Your Gut: Binge Eating For the Holiday!

Stuffed turkey, stuffed chickens, fried chicken, Deep-Fried Turkey, Macaroni and cheese, Candied yams, ribs, biscuits and gravy ALL THE CHEESE, ALL THE OILS, ALLL THE FATS! Thanksgiving dinners and the holiday season is the perfect recipe for gut health disasters. The terrible bloated feeling afterwards, the ITIS, and feelings of depression all point to an imbalanced and UNHAPPY gut.

No judgement here but, we really want to help you, so lets have a conversation about FOOD. Food is meant for nourishment, not binging. The good news is that you're not alone.30 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder the holidays- a time when stress and anxiety are at their peak.

Whether you plan on binge eating or struggle with it, FIX MY GUT Probiotics can help with seasonal struggles with your eating habits and digestive system. Click here

Over 80% of your immune system is in your gut. An unbalanced gut filled with junk from Thanksgiving will disrupt your system. Many people end up sick right after thanksgiving eating and it is no surprise. Fix My Gut helps replenish beneficial bacteria to support digestive and immune health. Researchers and scientists suggest that a healthy gut flora play a role in both increasing metabolism and weight management.

Overeating and Bloating

Overeating is the most common cause of bloating, and gas can easily get trapped in your stomach from fatty foods, carbonated beverages, sweeteners, and dairy. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving culture is one that is filled with buffets and all the fried cheesy options in the world! This makes overeating not just a holiday tradition, but a common occurrence. By eating slowly, listening to your body, and stopping once you are satisfied (not stuffed), you can start to rise above the temptation to overeat and feel great this season.

Digestive issues are incredibly distracting and no one should be burdened with them when it comes to enjoying a little time off with your family.

If you experience BLOATING, GAS, MOOD SWINGS during this holiday period, your MICROBIOME (gut) may likely be out of balance, and you can fall prey to constant food cravings that feel impossible to resist. Your gut controls your brain and digestive system and it is essential to keep it in balanced and FIX MY GUT is the solution you've been looking for!  There are probiotics everywhere on the market, and VGN AF has formulated Fix My Gut with renowned Gastroenternologist and a Nutritionist to make this a VGN safe formula to improve your wellbeing. Fix My Gut is high quality probiotic supplement to keep the gut healthy. Many lower-priced and generic probiotic supplements only contain one to 2 strains, and even worse, don't list substrains and most contain unhealthy synthetic fillers. Those cheap probiotics pass right through you and are a complete waste of money. Say no to synthetics and yes to clean health


Remember, eating is not a competition. Stop when you're full.

  1. Choose high-protein and high-fiber over high-carb

  2. Fill your plate with greens, fruits and veggies

  3. Choose healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados)

  4. Drink plenty of water (more than you normally would)

  5. Avoid processed food out of a box and make your meals at home from scratch.

  6. And if you're unable to have access to healthy foods, stick to portion control.

  7. (Do not eat more than a moderate sized plate of food)

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