About Us

VGN AF is a wellness destination for the modern vegan. We believe in the importance of relatable wellness that goes deeper than meets the palate! Growing Up Black, the vegan lifestyle was non-existent. Pork, beef, dairy and processed sugars and unhealthy fats & oils were a daily and necessary part of our lives! Unlearning those damaging and poor health habits have been the biggest, yet rewarding challenge of our lives.


VGN AF was born out of the desire to showcase our own health journeys! The path to healthy hasn’t always been easy and we are here to show you how we did it and how YOU CAN DO IT too regardless of your socio-economic status! We are also offering the best quality sustainably sourced products, consciously created that lead to visible results over a dedicated time.


VGN AF highlights our experiences on how being healthy is supposed to feel! We are mothers, entrepreneurs, and multi-hyphenates. We are here to show you that there are no shortcuts taken in taking your health seriously. With high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and heart disease in our family DNA, we decided just a couple of years ago to take CONTROL of the lives we want to live, not just for us- but for our children and the next generation of our families.

There are no shortcuts here and VGN AF is a lifestyle. We are committed to helping to inspire and promote wellness and positivity. Our platform addresses healthy foods, vegan recipes, immunity, weight loss, our healthy skin & hair rituals, gut health, mental clarity, healing, stress release, increased energy and feeling recharged the VGNAF™ way. A few of our celebrity friends drop in to share their health stories as well. VGNAF™ is our version of wellness redefined. Stay tuned & Stay VGN AF!

Our Mission



To educate people on why vegan and plant based diets are the best ways to enrich our bodies and minds.

To cultivate awareness about where our foods and fruits come from.


To create a world where people feel and become their greatest selves.  

The Food Reporter

“VGNAF has made becoming vegan a BREEZE! Their guides are so simple and easy to follow!”

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